About Us

About Us

ANJA International is incorporated in Canada in 2008 & it’s headquarter is located in Ontario, Canada. The Company is formed with the specific purpose of providing financial solution to the people and businesses according to their financial needs.

The Company is founded by successful business Team to create and provide alternative financial solutions to the ongoing business and project around the globe in collaborations with major private lenders & investors.

ANJA International acronym is derived from All Nation Joint Academy. This reflects our aim of working in harmony with all countries on our planet.

ANJA International is a multi-facet company with diversified reach into Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Solar, Wind; Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Transportation, Airports, Health Care facilities, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Software Engineering, Construction and Medium & Large industries. From conceptual project initiation to detailed engineering, to procurement and through construction and startup operation, ANJA is ready to work with private and public companies around the World.

ANJA is a leader in financial field with extensive contacts with high end investors, trading institutions and financial instrument providers.

ANJA understands that one company alone cannot perform all the functions required in large and complex projects.

We have a full understanding of every aspect of every type of industrial venture; our expertise is total and encompasses all business systems. Our expertise is being represented by hundreds of locally based experts who fully understand your specific requirements and your specific environment.

In depth study of four concepts of management sciences show us how the factory/industry of 21st century must be built and managed.

Only those with access to timely and comprehensive information sources have a chance of remaining internationally competitive. But this alone does not suffice. Standard information can easily lead to standard solutions, unless all factors are carefully analyzed and interpreted.

ANJA does not simply inform you of the latest trends in the international financial markets. It also defines the significant effects for your company and develops financing strategies tailored to specific needs including opportunities for broadening your capital base. So when your need targeted advice, capitalize on the intelligence of our experts.
We offer you a comprehensive range of investment opportunities, each of which can be tailored precisely to your specific needs.

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