Investment against “Sovereign Guarantee”

ANJA International has an opportunity to arrange the funding against Sovereign guarantee up to 05 Billion USD if issued from the Central Bank of the Country, lending tenure is up to 25 years, markup as per international market. We have very strong connections with our Private Lender to process the application positively & rapidly.

The Terms of these funds are based on the completion of such project. These funds are available on markup basis particularly development of infrastructure and humanitarian projects. The government guarantee will also be returned upon maturity, it means there is no investment and funding involve from the government budget.

Investment against “SBLC”

We can arrange project funding against SBLC (Standby Letter Of Credit) if SBLC issued from World Top Bank, these funds are on non-recourse basis and available for Commercial or Non-commercial projects for the betterment of humanity. ANJA will be the partner in project.

In order to start our process, we just need project name, feasibility and completion time frame of said project to complete Due Diligence to issue corporate proposal in favors of concerned Ministry / Head of the State / CEO.

After receiving the proposal from our side, the concerned authority company has to issue LOI to start this process. Upon receiving LOI we will provide all details about financing procedure along with complete information to understand the scenario.

Private Investment

We can arrange project funding / investment from our affiliated worldwide private investors / Lenders on the basis of partnership / shareholding, these funds are available for Commercial or Non-commercial projects for the betterment of humanity. These funds are available for the tenure of 5 years to 25 years subject to project feasibility. Terms and conditions are in TTM.

Through many years of providing banking & financial advisory and consultancy services to the corporate & potential clients with projects funding worldwide. Property builders, developers, worldwide investors and working together with the banks and financial institutions, collateral providers, registrars, receivers, liquidators & auctioneers, investments & wealth assets management groups. We have built a wealth of strong, powerful, and solid knowledge and vast practical banking working experience in commercials banks, investments banks & offshore banking. Our consultants & advisors have more than 45 years of experience.

We have built solid relationships with world major banks, high net worth individuals and private family offices. We can arrange to provide, or locate huge capital for you. We are specialized in worldwide Projects funding, Energy funding, Sovereign funding, Issue & Monetization of bank instruments, Finance using income L/Cs, Purchase order & Trade contract finance, Assets monetization & Petroleum transactions. We provide, with complete core infrastructure funding solutions & services.


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